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Specialised medical services adapted to the needs of your company


Telemedicine service. Diagnosis and personalised medical prescription.

e-Health service trained in "Digital Empathy", with 24/7/365 capabilities in more than 5 languages and with local medical prescription in more than 20 countries (Map). Without technological developments, our team will manage the medical service request and in less than 30 minutes the patient will have access to their teleconsultation with a doctor who will evaluate them telematically, and will facilitate the prescription of medicines in a responsible, safe and private way. Find out more about our teleconsultation services


Consultation at home, hotels, workplaces, airports, b&bs, among others

We perform home consultation wherever the patient is, our team is trained to perform laboratory tests, minor procedures/cures, give injections, assess general health, make medical reports and "Fit to fly", among others, for your clients/patients. Learn more about our home consultation services


Specialised e-Health consultancy service

Specialised consultancy services for companies wishing to implement e-Health solutions or improve their current services. We monitor the results to carry out an analysis and propose measures to improve the efficiency of the medical team, optimise service levels and increase the patient/customer,s perception of quality, through specific training in digital medical care, digital empathy, virtual smile and appropriate management of technological solutions.


Review and audit of medical reports and tests

We carry out the evaluation of medical documentation resulting from hospitalisations, face-to-face, home and telematic visits carried out for your patients/clients. We verify the correct use of resources according to the case and its particularities, in order to signal warning situations and carry out "Cost Containment".


Medical service and nursing care and digital nursing for companies.

Offer a medical check-up or carry out a preventive health campaign for your employees, wherever they are. In addition, you can also request specialised services for your work or sector, such as sports medical check-ups or webinars or training courses related to any occupational or personal health topic. Our doctors and nurses provide specialised care services in offices and factories without the need to travel for your employees or clients.